About us - ספא פנינה בכרמל

The Carmel Pearl - Spa

In Haifa, at the heart of the Carmel Center, a magical Templar building with a flourishing garden, lies a luxurious sanctuary for body and soul. This temple is called the Carmel Pearl - Spa – an exclusive, intimate, professional Boutique Spa & Hotel. The Spa offers the most complete and comprehensive recreation package possible.

Once entering, you can shed your daily cares, and surrender to the serenity, to the silence, to the peaceful music playing in the background, to the air scented with thousands of aromas of incense and oils, to the streaming jets of the Jacuzzi to surrender to the confident hands of the experienced therapists, to the innermost voices of the mind and body wanting only one thing: to relax.

The Carmel Pearl - Spa staff wishes you a luxurious and magical stay.


ספא פנינה המקום
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